Why attend IOSH 2018?

Attending IOSH 2018 will provide you and your organisation with many benefits.

Benefits for you

Enhance your CPD: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) helps you create a structured career path, as well as safeguard your professional status. Attending IOSH 2018 is a great way of enhancing your CPD, whether it is as part of IOSH membership, or within another organisation. It also sends your employer, colleagues and clients a strong message that you’re serious about keeping your skills and experience fresh and fit-for-purpose. Attendance will also allow you to benchmark yourself against your peers.

Learn something new: Attending IOSH 2018 is an investment in you and your career. By investing in your growth, you acknowledge that you still have things to learn and can get better at what you do. Hearing and meeting a range of experts, speakers and influencers face to face will allow you to ask questions and seek advice. What you learn will be of immediate benefit and have a long-lasting impact.

Get inspired: The IOSH conference gives you access to business leaders and OSH professionals who have dealt with and overcome challenges. Hearing what speakers have done will inspire you to try something new or change the way you do things. Meeting others who have been successful will inspire and motivate you to reach the same level of success. Spending time at the conference will also encourage you to be more receptive to alternative approaches, fresh perspectives, new thinking and innovative ideas.

Benefits for your organisation

Fresh learning and new ideas: Your attendance at IOSH 2018 will provide a great return on investment. You’ll come back to the workplace with fresh learning and new ideas that you can implement immediately.

Get up to date: Understanding current OSH news and trends is vital to ensure that your organisation doesn’t fall behind or continue to use outdated practices. What you learn at IOSH 2018 about the latest industry developments and innovations will help you to stay ahead of the curve.

Make new contacts: IOSH 2018 is an excellent platform for you to network, make connections and build enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with others. You’ll have opportunities to share experiences, ask for advice and discuss issues with like-minded professionals who face the same day-to-day challenges as you.

Meet with relevant suppliers: The exhibition at IOSH 2018 will give you opportunities to discuss new tools, resources, products and services directly applicable to your work. You’ll be able to get hands-on demonstrations and ask suppliers questions – invaluable if you want to make informed recommendations or decisions.

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