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We're pleased to offer conference delegates additional content via two recorded webinar sessions. A link to both sessions will be available post-conference.

Creating a long-term strategy for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) as a major driver for Ipsen’s sustainability

Sustainability is a priority for global biopharmaceutical company, Ipsen and their new sustainability programme is structured around three pillars: Employees, Patients & Society and Environment with their existing EHS programme contributing significantly to these. Ipsen’s Global EHS team reviewed how EHS could support the company’s ambition beyond group certification for ISO14001 and ISO45001. The UN Sustainability Development Goals were used as a framework for building a long-term EHS strategy to take Ipsen’s performance to new heights. This webinar describes how the EHS strategy was developed, details the seven agreed programme areas (Health & Safety, Products, Supply Chain, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Technology and Communications) and shows how, once embedded throughout the organisation, it will form a major part of Ipsen’s sustainability programme.

Presenter: Mary Charteris, Global EHS Director, Ipsen

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The Contractor Landscape: What are Leading Organisations Doing for Contractor Management?

A survey of 204 decision makers across 161 Hiring Organisations was conducted by ISNetworld in 2017 in order to understand the contractor landscape, challenges, risks and opportunities associated with outsourcing.  The information provided insights into the attributes of leading hiring organisations helping to benchmark them with their peers. In the survey organisations were identified who are leading and proactive in their contractor management processes based upon the maturity level of their processes. Differentiating survey responses based upon maturity level, enables differences in these organisations’ risks and challenges around contractor management to be recognised. It will also address organisations’ plans for continual improvement of their processes, highlighting 10 key elements of contractor management strategic plans.

Presenter: David Bibby, Senior Team Lead, ISN Software UK Ltd

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