Dr John Briffa

Dr John Briffa

Practising doctor, author and international speaker
United Kingdom

Dr John Briffa MB BS BSc is a practising doctor, author, facilitator and speaker specialising in the optimisation of wellbeing, performance and resilience. Since 1996, Dr Briffa has worked with a wide range of organisations in the UK and abroad to support individual and organisational wellbeing. He is the founder of Dr Briffa Wellness, which provides training, speaking and consultancy services to corporate clients including Deloitte, PwC, Barclays, Allen & Overy, Gowling WLG, Bank of Ireland, BBC, Thames Water, and Schroders.

His work focuses on all the areas that are fundamental to wellbeing, performance and sustainability including nutrition, physical activity, breathing, sleep and psychology. His work explores ‘the science’ and what research tells about the impact of each of these factors on health and effectiveness. This theory is then distilled into practical strategies that Dr Briffa has been found to be consistently effective through his experience with the more than 20,000 individuals he has advised and coached.

Dr Briffa is a widely-published journalist and author of 9 books, including A Great Day at the Office – 10 simple steps for maximising your energy and getting the best out of yourself and your day (4th Estate/Harper Collins).


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