Why attend IOSH 2019?

Attending IOSH 2019 will provide you and your organisation with a host of benefits. It really is a unique and unmissable opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge as a safety and health specialist – and improve the way your organisation looks after its people.

Benefits for you

Next steps clearly identified: IOSH 2019 will have a razor-sharp focus in September on providing delegates with a clear understanding of what steps to take to become a better technician, leader, influencer or innovator in safety and health. Our packed programme will cater for both the new practitioner and seasoned strategist and give you a priceless action plan to propel your knowledge and expertise to the next level.

We can do this because we understand the many challenges facing today’s safety and health professional. We’re the Chartered body for the profession and talk to members every day about how we can help them protect the lives of their colleagues and clients.

And because IOSH speaks to business leaders, recruiters and our members at every career stage, we understand perhaps better than anyone what the future of safety and health holds. We know what employers are now looking for in their safety and health practitioner.

New, lasting connections made: Being a safety and health professional can be a lonely existence. And securing your dream role in a competitive jobs market can be a daunting task.

Whether you’re looking to meet practitioners in the same part of the world, industry sector or beyond, or forge potentially career-changing links with well-connected peers, IOSH 2019 has a venue, online platforms and a host of face-to-face opportunities tailor-made for networking.

A delegate at last year’s conference said: “Conference provided a genuinely good opportunity to network. For me, that meant over drinks at the end of the first day, where I made some good new acquaintances and caught up with some old faces too.

“For many other IOSH members, volunteers and officials, there were plenty more opportunities to catch up over evening events, planned and unplanned.”

Fresh ideas and inspiration gained: Whether it’s the leading thinkers in the profession or inspirational figures from outside the world of safety and health, IOSH 2019’s speakers will send you away feeling inspired and motivated to make a difference. Spending time at conference will encourage you to be more receptive to alternative approaches, fresh perspectives, new thinking and innovative ideas.

IOSH’s annual conference is the largest bespoke conference for safety and health professionals and duty-holders and draws truly excellent presenters who will convince you that your attendance was well worth the investment.

Benefits for your organisation

Fresh learning and new ideas: Attending IOSH 2019 delivers a return on investment for both you and your organisation. You’ll walk back into your workplace with fresh learning and new ideas that you can implement immediately.

Get up to date: Understanding current OSH news and trends is vital to ensure that your organisation doesn’t fall behind or continue to use outdated practices. What you learn at IOSH 2019 about the latest industry developments and innovations will help you to stay ahead of the curve.

Make new contacts: IOSH 2019 is an excellent platform for you to network, make connections and build enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with others. You’ll have opportunities to share experiences, ask for advice and discuss issues with like-minded professionals who face the same day-to-day challenges as you.

Meet with relevant suppliers: The exhibition at IOSH 2019 will give you opportunities to discuss new tools, resources, products and services directly applicable to your work. You’ll be able to get hands-on demonstrations and ask suppliers questions – invaluable if you want to make informed recommendations or decisions.

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